Action Options:
1] *Pray and seek God for answers & direction & get practical answers on the direction to take which may include:
2] Phone The Police for help
3] Maybe leave home temporarilly.
4] Leave home permanently.
5] Remainin in your home but getting the abuser to leave.
6] Take legal action.

If unsure you are ready to leave, keep in mind that:
1] Abuse often gets worse. It may be possible for a partner to change, but it takes work and time.
2] If your partner is blaming you or other factors for his or her behavior, your partner probably is not ready to change.
3] You deserve to be safe and happy.
4] Even if you are not ready to leave, you can still contact a domestic violence hotline or a local shelter for support, safety planning, and services.
5] People want to help. Many services are available at no cost, including childcare, temporary housing, job training, and legal aid.
6] You need support. Reach out to people you trust!

If you or anybody you know is in an abusive relationship, please get help today! If you are in fear for your life or in imminent danger don't waste time, Call 999 for police help right away!

If you plan to stay:
1] *Pray and seek God for answers & direction.
2] Share your concerns with your health visitor, GP, work colleagues, family or a trusted friend.
3] Listen to your instincts.
4] Do whatever it takes to stay safe.
5] Donít ignore the obvious Ė Know when to get away safely with your children.
6] Play it safe Ė donít threaten to leave.
7] Be careful not to give away your safety plan to your abuser or anyone.
8] Teach your children to memorise emergency telephone numbers!
9] Get in touch & stay in touch with a refuge, shelter or women aid organisation for advise.

Domestic Violence is a serious crime - It is against the law!
Call 999 - The police will speak to you separately from your partner / ex-partner. Their first priority is the safety of you and any children.

If you plan to leave:
1] *Pray and seek God for answers & direction.
2] Get in touch with a refuge, shelter or women aid organisation.
3] Have a change of clothes in place.
4] Save money for bus, taxi or train,
5] Pack your medications and your children's.
6] Pack the original or photocopies of your birth certificates.
7] Have your driver's License & a copy in a safe place.
8] Pack your checkbook, passbook, credit cards and saved up cash.
9] Don't let your behaviour give away your plan.
10] Remain clear headed - make adequate back up plan.

Now listen Precious,
The most importatnt thing is your safety and that of your children.
If you are unable to remove any or some of the above items, simply leave without them & get to a safe place!

You are precious to God & you do not deserve violence!
If in imminent danger - Call 999 for police assistance right away!

"...Do not be afraid, for I am with you;
Do not be dismayed, for I am your God!
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.
I am holding you by your right hand,
I am the Lord your God.
And I say to you,'Do not be afraid,
I am here to help you!"
Isaiah 43v10-13