Story of Alison
I am a survivor, living a peaceful and safe life 6 years on from a 10 year relationship of domestic violence. I will share a little bit of my story to encourage every precious woman to regain your peace and identity. You are stronger than you think.

At the age of 17, I was already living on my own and the sole Carer to my father, who was terminally ill and my brother who had learning difficulties.

It was around this time that I began what became a rollercoaster relationship.

My boyfriend became increasingly jealous of the time I dedicated to my father and brothers care, of my place of work, my friendships; of everything. There were many other signs that things were going wrong, however, still I choose to stay in the relationship. Gradually, as he became more verbally and physically abusive, I became more and more isolated. Though I loved people and was known for always trying to be there for others, once the violence began there were many lonely years where I saw far less of my family and friends.

Behind closed doors, I was enduring injuries to my face, head, legs and ribs – all mostly inflicted when he was under the influence of alcohol and drugs. But of course, only a couple of people saw or knew what was really going on. I tried my best to keep the swellings and bruises covered up and often waited until they cleared before visiting anyone who could notice.

When I did find the courage to leave on two occasions he threatened to kill me and my family and also said he would kill himself, if I did not return to him. He actually attempted suicide and ended up in a coma for weeks. He wanted me to know he was not bluffing. When people asked about our relationship, I told everyone the shorter and calmer versions about what was happening, as his scars were visible, but no one knew the truth about mine.

In spite of this and all the violence in the previous 3 years, I still didn’t leave. Another time after a jealous argument he grabbed me by the throat and almost strangled me, he threw me across the living room and then he proceeded to pick up a large metal object throwing it with full force at my head. It left swelling and bruising and scars for four weeks. I knew I had to leave then, but I’d have to do it once and for all, so I began to make my plans.

I knew he could hear me because I heard a voice keep telling me ‘I am going to get you out of here. Just wait on me.’

I got out of the house with police protection and went straight into hiding for 3 months. The shelter I was placed in was full of great staff, however I needed more emotional and spiritual help and they simply couldn’t provide that.

When I found out about the Precious Woman program and I met the staff and community that ran the home, I knew my future was going to be brighter.

Through their teaching and training I received unconditional love, prayer and spiritual support. I finally began to heal from so many wounds and life issues. I have reclaimed my personal power and gained a whole treasure chest worth of wisdom and life skills and knowledge about relationships. I gained back my confidence, my identity and made new friendships whilst finding the strength I needed to move into my life’s purpose.

I can trust again, smile without pain and my tears from the past have dried up.

I now help and work with other women coming out of domestic violence and have the privilege to be able to encourage them and see their lives transform from pain to joy, from loneliness to community and from bondage to freedom.

I encourage you, precious woman, to seek your own peace. Get up and stand strong. You too can walk in complete peace.

I now believe I am precious and so are you!
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